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Beyond Hot Foil Stamping: Metallic Effect Options

There are more metallic design options than ever due to continual industry innovations to meet market demands for impact, speed, efficiency, and sustainability. For high-end products, hot foils and metallic substrates are still the top choice for characteristi...

Use Natural Attraction to Your Advantage in Brand Packaging Design

As consumers, we tend to equate certain design elements and surfaces in packaging with quality product. Embossed foil stamping, gorgeous substrates, and high-end materials have proven appeal in crowded retail environments. Basically, packaging that s...

Case Study: Custom Hologram Tree Frog Calendar Design and Production

Wall calendars are a standard year-end promotional strategy for companies that sell substrates. Designing a calendar that will command precious wall real estate is the challenge. For 2013, I had the task of creating a calendar for ITW Foils to showcase their i...

Design Process for Custom Registered Holographic Packaging

Entice Customers with Custom Holographic Packaging

Top Five Considerations for Choosing Between Cold Foils and Hot Foils

Print and packaging design professionals often wonder about the advantages of cold foil over hot foils. Cold foil is not a replacement for hot foil but instead an opportunity to expand the use of foil into more markets and applications. While h...

Why Metallic Effects Should be in Your Design Toolbox

I'll admit it—I like shiny things. Shimmering, reflective surfaces beguile and tempt me. As an art director and artist, I have a passion for unique and beautiful surfaces—the juxtaposition of a brilliant, rich metallic atop a matte texture, intricate foil embo...

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