The Possibilities are Endless with Seamless



The Sky is the Limit

Seamless holography is the new standard of excellence within the packaging industry. With ITW ShineMark advanced capabilities, the troublesome seam in holographic film can be eliminated to create apparently perfect holographic surfaces. Seamless products make holography viable in new markets and applications. They offer endless possibilities for designers who are unrestricted by size, layout logistics, or decorating limitations. They offer visual consistency for brands, and overall efficiency improvements for printers. Faster speeds and waste reduction are key operational advantages to using seamless foil and films, as is the fact that seamless products require no costly eye mark equipment for registration. For designers and brand owners, superior visual quality with consistent color and surface integrity along with greater creative latitude make going seamless a choice that pays dividends in differentiation. Combine this technology with custom holographic patterns and the sky’s the limit.

Available Products
  • Hot Diffraction Foil
  • Cold Diffraction Foil
  • Foil Laminate Substrates
  • Transfer Metallized Substrates
  • UV Casting Films
  • Custom Diffraction Patterns
  • Rainbow Pattern
  • Stock Diffraction Patterns
Printer / Converter Benefits
  • Greater customer satisfaction and faster sign-offs with elimination of unsightly seam lines
  • Efficient print runs due to optimal sheeting
  • No costly equipment requiring eye marks for registration
  • Faster press running speeds with no seam lines to monitor
  • Significantly reduced substrate waste is a key operational advantages to using seamless foil and films
Designer Benefits
  • No size restrictions to use of holographic patterns means you can go smaller and larger than ever before
  • Positioning freedoms that allow for easy gang-printing of smaller applications like self-adhesive labels, luxury packaging and tobacco cartons
  • Ability to print holography over very large or irregular area applications
  • Diverse surface options along with a range of holographic possibilities, stock patterns or custom images
Brand Owner Benefits
  • Keep the spotlight on your brand without seams
  • Excellent return-on-investment as higher up front costs equate to great potential savings in set-up, materials and printing efficiencies