Flexo Cold Transfer for Prime Label Excellence

The brightest cold transfer on the market offers increased uptime, throughput and enhanced capability in the demanding prime label market:
  • Broad range of workability: excellent detail combined with apparently flawless solid coverage
  • Outstanding overprint properties
  • Clean transfer: free of handle flake, no image dust
  • Excellent transfer performance at high print speeds

CFR2 is the Right Choice for a Wide Range of Applications:

  • Excellent durability for use with the heat- and pressure-intensive process of INMOLD LABEL (IML)
  • Provides the second surface brightness and flexibility needed for SHRINK SLEEVES
  • Works well on conventional coated papers and films for PSL LABEL applications
  • High speed foil for DIRECT MAIL application efficiency

CFR2 Goes the Distance for both Dry and Wet Label Challenges!

With water resistance, excellent bond and flexibility, CFR2 passes even the rigorous soap, scratch and squeeze testing protocols.