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About Us

A Powerhouse of Combined Expertise

ITW ShineMark companies are part of Illinois Tool Works based in Chicago, Illinois. ITW, with over $15 billion in annual sales, employs over 60,000 men and women in over 850 decentralized businesses and operations in over 50 countries spanning the globe.

Our eight global coating facilities are comprised of five coating plants in the United States and 1 each in Canada, Great Britain and Korea. Our products are distributed by an extensive network of regional sales offices in Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Korea, the Netherlands and throughout the United States.

Yet even with the strength of this global team, ITW ShineMark businesses operate as regional, decentralized units. This decentralized approach eliminates big company bureaucracy allowing each of our units to focus on our local customers, markets and trends.

Responsive and Agile

At ITW ShineMark, our goal is to make brands shine by manufacturing the best performing foils, films and foil laminates in the graphics industry. We accomplish this through extensive research, development and testing to ensure our foil and film products perform without equal on your finished product. The men and women of ITW ShineMark are highly trained, globally experienced experts in the areas of Research & Development, Coating, Converting, Sales & Marketing and Distribution.

As a global leader in the manufacturing and distribution of technically superior metallic substrates, our customers rely on our products every day for the most demanding applications in markets such as packaging and labels.By providing exceptional service and the highest quality products we hope to offer you a partner with whom you may feel confident in building a long-term relationship.

Forward Looking

As our customers face ever-increasing demands, competition, shifting trends and market dynamics ITW ShineMark will be there with innovative products and system solutions. We are committed to remaining at the forefront of coating technology and new product development for the hot stamp foil market. This commitment is evident in our Research & Development efforts, employee training, capital investments and key acquisitions. Given this market commitment and the financial strength of a $15 billion business, ITW ShineMark is a company that our customers can feel confident in building long-term partnerships!