I.Kela Hot Stamping Dies

ITW ShineMark now offers I.Kela brand of hot foil rotary brass cylinders. ITW I.Kela was the first to introduce CNC engraving in the U.S. and set the industry standard for quality brass engraved tools. ITW ShineMark a leader in the graphic foil stamping industry and known for quality, consistency and reliability of our products, delivers the same value in our die offering. Through our nationwide presence, implementation of lean manufacturing, procurement efficiencies and ITW company synergies. ITW ShineMark is able to offer fast turnaround, high quality and low price dies.
Types of Rotary Brass Cylinders
  • Available in both electric and oil heated
  • Available for all narrow to mid web presses
  • Available for all manufacturers hot stamping system
  • Available in new Diamond
Features & Benefits
  • CNC machined: Consistent, repeatable quality
  • Tight tolerances: Ease of registration across sheet
  • Highest quality brass: Excellent transfer of heat
  • Outside diameter grinding: Ensures highest quality of foil stamping
  • 1mm engraved depth: Produces greater detail and smaller images
  • 2-5 day turnaround: Delivery that meets your production schedule